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My name is Alanah Griffith and I am running for House District 60





The reason that I am running for HD 60 is to bring common sense back to our government.  We Montanans have always prided ourselves on our ability to find common ground on difficult issues, and electing legislators that reach across the aisle to find working solutions for the challenges facing our communities.  I will be that voice for you in Helena, and will focus on the issues facing all Montanans, like affordable housing, access to justice, healthcare and expanding access to our public lands.

I was born and raised in HD 60.  I was lucky enough to be able to move back to Bozeman after law school in 2002 and back to the district in 2013.  We are close to my parents who still live in our family home in Four Corners and are happy that we are raising our son here. My parents instilled in me the importance of serving our community. My father, Gary Griffith, served as the Chair of the Monforton School Board for 30 years.  My mother, Linda Griffith, was involved with Eagle Mount for more than 20 years, 10 of those as Executive Director.  Like my parents, I also have served our community in a variety of ways, both through my work and my volunteer experiences.  I taught debate at Monforton, I am the coach of the Mock Trial Team in Big Sky, served on the boards of nonprofits Reach and Morningstar Learning Center, and volunteered my time at Eagle Mount and the Gallatin Legal Assistance Clinic.

I have been practicing law for almost 20 years.  Most of my practice is dedicated to representing owner’s associations.  I help them with everything from redrafting their governing documents so that their rules actually address the needs of the community, working with government agencies on infrastructure, acting as a mediator between neighbors who may not see eye to eye on a subject and when all else fails, going to court to argue on their behalf, and helping them preserve property values.  Basically, I am like a legislator for my associations.  I work hard to get their needs addressed through changes in their laws and working with various branches of government.  

I hope to take my decades of experience giving my clients a strong voice in their communities and in court and put it to good use representing us in Helena.  I believe together, we can find the common sense solutions to the real challenges facing our state today.   Feel free to contact me with any thoughts, needs and concerns.  I look forward to serving you in Helena.

Equitable Housing

Housing is a basic human need.  However, many in our district cannot find secure housing and are spending far more than the recommended 30% of their income on housing.  Studies show that housing cost-burdened families have greater stress relating to food security, health care, retirement and transportation.  In other words, housing is critical to our economic vitality. Restrictive land use and subdivision laws are a key factor in housing shortages as they prohibit needed density.  I have helped a number of Associations amend their governing documents to allow for ADUs (accessory dwelling units) and more density within their subdivisions.  When elected I will propose legislation that will address these restrictive laws, and support affordable housing solutions for our workforce.

Alanah working to raise funds for Morningstar Learning Center's building project which is planned to include housing for staff.

Access to Justice

As Americans, we rely on our civil legal system to address many of life’s important problems, like divorce, discrimination, landlord/tenant issues, domestic violence and business disputes.  While our system is a powerful tool, it can be difficult to navigate without the help of a trained attorney.  I want to change that.  I have worked on access to justice for years, including organizing the Gallatin County Legal Assistance Clinic, which provides access to an attorney to help fill out forms and learn about the system. I helped low income Gallatin County citizens fill out legal forms, including petitions for dissolution, parenting plans, child support, and helped them understand how a case would progress.   (Just for you, a forms bank: As the Secretary/Treasurer of the bar, I supported rule changes that allow attorneys to take on only part of a case, when needed.  This is called Limited Scope Representation.  This is useful because many people cannot afford an attorney for all of their case, but this allows an attorney to work on one part of the case, like the legally intensive motions for summary judgment, or maybe even just to appear at trial.  When elected, I will continue to work tirelessly to open more doors for everyone within our district to have fair access to our courts.

Alanah receiving an excellence award from the Montana Supreme Court for her work. Pictured with then Chief Justice Karla Gray.

Protect Access to Public Lands

Montana is lucky to have millions of acres of Federal and State public lands. I have spent my life enjoying the unparalleled hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, and camping these lands offer. However, it is estimated that over 3 million state and Federal acres are landlocked, with no access. When elected I will support the Unlocking Public Lands program, and support new ways to improve access.  I will also work to balance the interest of land owners with conservation efforts and to find win/win solutions to issues like access, just as I have done through my legal career, which includes securing the Bear Canyon Access that many Gallatin residents enjoy today.

Alanah and her son enjoying our stream access laws, fishing on Belt Creek, Monarch, MT.

Alanah and her son enjoying our stream access laws, fishing on Belt Creek, Monarch, MT.


Like access to justice, access to affordable health care and insurance is increasingly difficult to find.  Many of our families sacrifice health insurance or preventative health care (like your annual visit) in order to afford housing in our district.  Fortunately, Montana funded expanded Medicaid last year, which provides healthcare coverage to almost 10% of Montana’s population.  Studies have shown that not only does expanded Medicaid improve individual’s healthcare and well-being, it created thousands of jobs and millions in income for Montanans, as well as reducing overall state spending and boosting state revenues.  When elected, I will continue to support this program, and seek other avenues to provide access to affordable healthcare and insurance, like bolstering telecommunication heath or allowing nurse practitioners to do more (much like the Montana Bar is looking at allowing paralegals to help with certain forms and areas of law.)  

Alanah at age 13, 9 months into her cancer treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

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Brian Gallik's Endorsement

Voters in House District 60, Four Corners to West Yellowstone, might think Alanah Griffith, a lawyer, has little to do with small businesses. Not so. In her years as an attorney in the district she’s worked with and helped many small businesses throughout Gallatin County. She knows small businesses are the backbone of the economy.

Griffith has helped form small businesses, helped them stay out of litigation by understanding Montana law and has worked with opposing parties to find practical solutions out of court, a win-win strategy for all concerned. This includes small businesses in West Yellowstone where her ability to find solutions has time and again enabled her client to avoid expensive litigation.

Voters in HD60, like most in Montana, are tired of division and of politicians who polarize voters, and pit neighbor against neighbor. Electing representatives who work to pull people together to find commonsense solutions is something we can all agree upon. Griffith has done that her entire career. I am confident she will continue to do the same in Helena as the representative for HD60. 

Help me elect Alanah Griffith in November.

Jim and Diane Cashell's Endorsement

House District 60 needs a representative from Gallatin County that reflects Montana. Alanah Griffith is that Candidate. A product of local schools, a family that understands community, loyalty and Montana. Alanah knows the value of relationships and compromise in government. Alanah will provide the Leadership and representation that Montana Needs.

Dorothy Bradley's Endorsement

I hope you will support Alanah Griffith, Democrat for the Montana House, in HD 60.

I’ve known Alanah since she was a law clerk for Judge Mark Guenther in the early 2000s, and I was the court administrator. Alanah is smart, studious, energetic, and has a heart of gold.

We bonded tight as a knot, partly from our mutual commitment to make the judicial and criminal justice system as compassionate, efficient and modern as possible — and partly because we had to carry on during the tragic illness of Judge Guenther. Alanah was essential in keeping that office on the rails, assisting some two dozen judges who came to share the workload, and was honored by the Supreme Court for the staff’s excellent job.

Her private practice has been broad and successful. I particularly appreciate her commitment to mediation which will be a bonus in the political arena.

Alanah volunteers for any number of efforts to make the world a better place — particularly the legal world and the world of disadvantaged people.

I appreciate Alanah’s commitment to put her energy and knowledge into Montana politics. She could be doing more fun things, but from my perspective of 16 years in the Legislature, nothing more worthy.

Dorothy Bradley

Letter to the editor: Griffith the right choice for House District 60 - Winnie Arthurs

The voters of HD 60 now have a chance to elect someone who actually lives in the district, Alanah Griffith. She grew up there. Many of her clients, from individuals to homeowner associations, are in HD 60. She knows the people who live there, many of them personally. She knows their concerns, their challenges, needs and worries. She can represent the citizens of the district in the way that a representative should.